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About Jews: Combatting hate speech against Jews

90% of Poles have never met a Jew. According to the National Census, approximately 8,000 Jews live in Poland. Nevertheless, Jews arouse great emotions, and topics related to Jewish culture and tradition ignite the imagination in Poland. Unfortunately, myths, stereotypes, prejudices and conspiracy theories often win over facts. Recently in Poland, the number of anti-Semitic events has risen, and the so-called “Other,” representing diversity and diversity, has become the number one enemy, in a largely ethnically, racially, religiously and culturally homogenous Polish society. Why is this happening? In our opinion, one of the reasons is that … 90% of Poles have never met a Jew.

About Jews has already reached over 13,000 teenagers and teenagers and over 100 schools and libraries as well as was the subject of our presentations and webinars, which were enthusiastically received. The publication was created and published as part of the project entitled (In)visible Diversity: Encounter, Empower and Exchange” / “Exchange for Change in partnership with the Jewish Association Cukunft, MamyGłos, Words into Action to Address Anti-Semitism, and the OSCE.

About Jews is a project developed by Humanity Action Poland, which focus on respect for human rights and actions supporting democracy, civil society and multiculturalism. The organization works with young leaders, who wish to deepen their pro-social interests. Those who have a passion to work creatively for people and groups affected by discrimination. they support these leaders in the knowledge development and skills necessary to sensibly and effectively counteract prejudices while also responding to manifestations of hateful attitudes and behaviors.

They have created the first network of activists with disabilities and non-disabled people in Poland and the first nationwide congress for cyber activists (Strefa Interakcji/Interaction Zone). Since 2006, we have successfully carried out our flagship program: The International Academy of Human Rights / Humanity in Action’s Warsaw Fellowship. This program has gained international recognition and is recognized as top a scholarship (fellowship) program in the world by opinion-forming industry portals such as Human Right Careers and College Magazine. Since 2018, we have implemented the pilot project “Przestrzeń Działania/Impact Hub”, which combines tools used in the education, technology, and activism fields to effectively strengthen human rights and social entrepreneurship activities as well as to counteract hate speech.