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ACT 90-615

In September 1987, the French Union of B’Nai B’Rith Associations denounced the racial remarks of the National Front. In a statement, she called on political parties to draft a bill aimed at strengthening the fight against racism.

Three years later, law n ° 90-615 of July 13, 1990 was passed in the National Assembly. Initiated by the deputy Jean Claude Gayssot, it was baptized “Gayssot law”. This text is added to the list of anti-racist laws such as the Pléven law of 1972. It aims to strengthen the fight against anti-Semitic or xenophobic.

The Gayssot law of 1990 made it possible to establish “the offense of negationism”. According to article 9, the contestation of any crime against humanity can be pursued by the French jurisdiction. It is :

  • the deportation,
  • murder,
  • reduction to slavery,
  • extermination,
  • persecution…

The Gayssot law also provided some clarifications on press freedom. It also reprimands the dissemination of any words or opinions which downplay the gravity of the genocide. In other words, the gayssots laws