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The AGJF Sachsen is an umbrella and specialist organization for youth work and youth welfare. With the business areas of advanced training – consulting – service, we offer qualification, support and development services for our member organizations and interested partners and we carry out exemplary projects.

Our goal is to improve the professional competence of youth workers with our range of services and to give them practical assistance. Therefore, in addition to very practical offers, we attach great importance to taking up new and innovative ideas and making them accessible to youth welfare in Saxony.

Find out about the advantages of membership! As a carrier of one or more offers of child and youth work in the context of the goals of § 11 SGB VIII, you can become a member of the AGJF Saxony .

Our annual report, which you can download here, gives you a more detailed overview of our work over the past year.

  1. The AGJF is a specialist and service organization for youth work and youth welfare in Saxony.
  2. We are convinced that professional social work must meet high technical standards.
  3. Our goal is to ensure quality in youth welfare, in particular to increase the professional and personal skills of employees in this area.
  4. We respect the skills, experience and needs of our partners as an important part of the work, learning and cooperation process.
  5. Our work is based on participation-oriented and grassroots offers.
  6. We take up innovative ideas, theories, educational and action approaches and make them accessible to youth work and youth welfare.
  7. We work process, action and self-awareness oriented.
  8. Our actions are based on a humanistic image of man, the high level of professional competence and the appreciative, trusting cooperation of all employees of the AGJF Saxony.
  9. We appreciate the diversity of people in our work. That is why we stand for diversity-conscious educational and youth work and develop it further, expressed in professional action, language and writing.