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Anti-discrimination Education Society (TEA)

-They associate people involved in anti-discrimination education in Poland.

-They popularize methods of working with the group in order to counteract and respond to prejudice, discrimination and intergroup violence.

-They improve the competences of educators and anti-discrimination educators.

-They teach teachers how to ensure that every child at school feels safe and is not exposed to discrimination.

-They encourage policymakers to create a school where equality is a “compulsory subject”.

-They train and advise on how to implement system solutions

Their mission is to develop and disseminate anti-discrimination education so that every person co-creates a world without discrimination and violence. They carry out their mission in three ways:

  1. They develop the competences of people involved in anti-discrimination education.
  2. They build standards of anti-discrimination education.
  3. They work for the inclusion of anti-discrimination education in the formal education system in Poland.