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Arthur Langerman Archives for the Study of Visual Antisemitism (ALAVA)

The central purpose of the Arthur Langerman Foundation is to preserve the Langerman Collection in the best possible way, to research it and to make it practically usable. The Langerman Collection is an undeniable testimony to the lang history of hostility towards Jews. It is an essential piece of European, and especially German, cultural heritage and a graphic expression of our historical responsibility. At the same time, it has immense potential for research and remembrance work as well as for the civil society’s promotion and defense of democracy.

We would like to use the materials from the Langerman Collection to advance the scientific examination of visual antisemitism, to sensitize current and future generations to the manifestations of antisemitic stereotypes and their particular dangers, and to make a contribution to the fight against antisemitism. For this purpose the Arthur Langerman Archive for Research into Visual Antisemitism” (ALAVA) is being set up at the Center for Research on Antisemitism at the Technical University of Berlin. The research and educational work in the coming years, and to design its own research projects and worldwide exhibitions on the history of visual antisemitism.