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Association of Jews and Muslims of France (AMJF)


“L’association pour l’Amitié Judéo-Musulmane de Paris” was established in 2008 by Dr. Patrick CONQUY, who served as its president until 2018, to work in the footsteps of AJMF Ris-Orangis, founded in 2005 by its President-Founder, Rabbi Michel SERFATY.


Their aims are:

  • To foster friendship between Jews and Muslims.
  • To actively fight against antisemitism and antimuslim racism.
  • To reject and oppose all forms of prejudice and discrimination.
  • To promote a peaceful society by enhancing mutual understanding and knowledge of one another.


The AJMF Paris (Association of Jews and Muslims of France) engages in various actions aimed at promoting dialogue, understanding, and cooperation between the Jewish and Muslim communities. Here are some of the actions they take:

  1. Commemorations and Remembrance: The AJMF Paris organizes ceremonies and events to remember and pay tribute to victims of historical events, such as the Holocaust and the raffle (round-up) of Jews in Tunisia during World War II. These events involve religious, civic, and military figures, with readings, prayers, and singing of national anthems.
  2. Open Doors Events: The AJMF Paris participates in open-door events organized by mosques and synagogues, facilitating visits and interactions between the Jewish and Muslim communities. This fosters dialogue, mutual understanding, and friendship between the participants.
  3. Exhibitions and Cultural Events: The association visits exhibitions, such as those at the Institut du Monde Arabe (Institute of the Arab World), to learn about Arab culture and history. They also organize artistic and musical programs, followed by debates, to explore themes like the “Spirit of Cordoba” and its relevance today.
  4. Interfaith Dialogues and Roundtable Discussions: The AJMF Paris takes part in interfaith dialogues, roundtable discussions, and conferences involving theologians, scholars, and philosophers from both Jewish and Muslim backgrounds. These events address contemporary issues related to identity and promote a better understanding of each other’s perspectives.
  5. Ramadan Iftars: During the holy month of Ramadan, the AJMF Paris represents the Jewish community at iftar gatherings organized by different organizations, including the AJMF itself and other institutes. These occasions provide opportunities for sharing meals and building warm connections.
  6. Peace Marches and Fraternity Initiatives: The association actively participates in peace marches and events organized by interfaith coordination groups like the CINPA (Coordination Inter convictionnelle du Grand Paris). These initiatives aim to celebrate living together in peace and promote harmony among different religious communities.
  7. Permanence and Informal Meetings: The AJMF Paris launched a weekly Monday morning meeting at a café in Paris, offering a space for informal encounters and conversations, fostering friendship and understanding.
  8. Workshops on Combating Violence and Prejudice: The association conducts workshops in schools, addressing themes related to combating violence, discrimination, and prejudice. These activities involve discussions and interactions facilitated by mediators and educators from the AJMF.
  9. Participation in Forums and Associations: The AJMF Paris actively participates in forums, association meetings, and annual events, such as the Forum des Associations du XVème (Forum of Associations in the 15th arrondissement of Paris). They engage with local authorities, community leaders, and members of various organizations to promote dialogue and collaboration.
  10. International Events and Engagements: The AJMF Paris engages in international events, such as symposiums and conferences, focusing on dialogue and peace-building in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They collaborate with organizations like Connecting Actions and The ALLMEP to improve constructive dialogue and foster connections within their own organizations.