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CCOJB- The Voice of Jewish Organizations in Belgium ( La Voix des organisations Juives de Belgique)

The CCOJB aims to fight for the defense, study and development of Jewish values ​​in Belgium, against antisemitism, racism and xenophobia. He also campaigns for the preservation of the memory of the trials and sufferings of the members of the Jewish community, the memory of the Shoah and the fight against all attempts to trivialize or distort the historical facts of the Shoah, for the defence of moral rights, and materials of the Jewish Community of Belgium, its members and their dependents, victims of Nazism and the consequences of the Second World War. Finally, it promotes support for the State of Israel, the spiritual center of Judaism and Jewish communities.

This is how the CCOJB fights against disinformation, against the importation of the Middle East conflict into Belgium, against Holocaust denial and against the delegitimization of the State of Israel. The CCOJB’s fight against the importation of conflict, it promotes the construction of bridges.