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Democracy or barbarism – Council for the transmission of memory


Transmit the memory of the facts of the past for the understanding of the present and the construction of the future.
Give the tools to apprehend, analyze, understand and not simply commemorate.
Pursue education and awareness, information and training objectives.
Encourage, mainly among the younger generations, critical thinking, the development of responsible citizenship and the promotion of democratic values.

Develop the transmission of the memory of the facts covered by the decree.
Perpetuate the memory, in particular through testimonials.
Facilitate access to resources and documentation.
Promote discovery and knowledge of the memory of places.
Propose activities and projects for the general public and younger generations.
As part of the decree of 13 March 2009, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation has recognized a multidisciplinary center, three resource centers and labeled centers and launches three types of calls for projects each year.

You will find below links allowing you to access the texts of the decree and orders relating to the Resource Centers and Labeled Centers as well as the explanatory memorandum and comments on the articles of the decree.

Decree relating to the transmission of memory