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Coexister France

Coexister is a builder of social cohesion and social peace while hate speech is increasing. Some choose to create cohesion between people of different social, ethnic, generational, or cultural backgrounds, Coexister choose to create links and cohesion between people of different convictions whether religious, philosophical or spiritual. Diversity is necessary, positive, and creates social cohesion when we accept to go beyond tolerance and rather prefer to it respect.
Diversity could be a positive energy when we refuse to feed the fear of otherness, and when we practice nonviolent communication instead of stereotype-based thinking. Coexister believes that youth will act for a better living together, a society where otherness will be based on common knowledge and links and not shortages and stereotyped visions of the other as a different entity.
Therefore, Coexister places confidence in the need to reinforce educational devices that valorise the diversity of religious, spiritual, philosophical convictions among youth.

Coexister Movement’s youth branch promotes social cohesion between youths from 15 to 35 years old. It is organised into local groups spread all over the territory (33 cities in France and 6 cities in Europe). Six volunteers per group run the “Active Coexistence Pathway” in 3 steps:
Dialogue (lectures, gatherings, debates, etc.)
Solidarity (charity events and various solidarity actions)
Awareness workshops at schools for a better living together

Through their daily actions at the local level, the 45 local groups of Coexister in France seek to use the diversity of religious, spiritual and philosophical convictions of their members as a driving force, rather than an obstacle, in order to build a common destiny and a better future for all through common actions. Diversity can truly make a difference, when used in the service of making our society a better place for all.