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CoopCulture is one of the most important Italian service companies for cultural heritage; for over thirty years, it has offered a wide range of services to the cultural market and to the general audience, always open to innovation and experimentation of new media; an efficient organization attentive to quality and life-long learning; a widespread presence in the main places of culture in Italy.

CoopCulture is present on almost the whole Italian territory, and it takes care of small museums as well as large cultural sites with the same attention, for example in Rome we operates at the Colosseum and at Palazzo Merulana; in Veneto at Palazzo Ducale and in all the municipal museums, but also at Villa Bassi in Abano Terme. For a more widespread knowledge of CoopCulture’s identity it may be useful to visit www.coopculture.it.

CoopCulture started working on Jewish cultural heritage in 1990, after a whole year spent working with the Venetian Community on a regulation for the overall custody of the museum’s services to the public.