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Crescas was founded in 1981 as an independent educational center for Jewish studies in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was created in response to a growing demand for high-quality Jewish education and cultural programming. The organization initially offered a limited number of courses and lectures, but over time it expanded its offerings and became a leading center for Jewish education and culture in the Netherlands. Today, Crescas continues to provide a wide range of courses, lectures, and cultural events that promote greater understanding and appreciation of Jewish culture and heritage.


Crescas focuses on promoting greater awareness, education, and understanding as a way of combatting antisemitism. Some of its initiatives include:

  1. Educational programming: Crescas offers a range of courses, workshops, and lectures on Jewish culture and history that help to increase awareness and understanding of Jewish traditions, beliefs, and practices.
  2. Cultural events: Crescas sponsors cultural events, such as film screenings, exhibitions, and concerts, that showcase Jewish culture and heritage and help to promote greater appreciation and understanding.
  3. Community building: Crescas seeks to build bridges between different communities and encourage interfaith dialogue as a way of fostering greater understanding and tolerance.
  4. Advocacy and outreach: Crescas advocates for increased awareness of Jewish culture and history in broader society, and works with other organizations to combat antisemitism and promote greater understanding and tolerance.

Overall, Crescas’ initiatives against antisemitism are focused on education, understanding, and inclusivity, and seek to promote a more inclusive and tolerant society.