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Csányi 5- Museum pedagogy

The main goal of establishing the Jewish Historical Library in Erzsébetváros is to engage with young people, teach them about the objects and their historical context. The museum also aims to map stories while learning about the past, appreciating their legacy, and encouraging museum professionals to present the past creatively, multi-level, and experiential through the objects there. Some examples, topics the Museum explains are : Religious rules for running a kosher household. Why are meat and dairy meals separated? What does the Torah commandment mean? What did kosher kitchen management look like (and how does it look today) in practice? Who is the rabbi? Why can't I work on Saturdays? What did the Jewish people consider to be work? Does fire lighting still work today? In the craftsman's workshop, it is possible to know the given (typical Erzsébetváros) craft as far as possible in practice. For older schoolchildren, by presenting the lingerie seamstress's workshop and the ghetto exhibition in the cellar, it is possible to discuss relevant issues such as racial discrimination, the prohibition of learning, the confiscation of property, and humiliation. The Atrium provides space for the joint processing of what is seen and heard. The Erzsébetváros Historical Library is not a public educational institution, but it is an essential arena for acquiring knowledge. It can be linked to specific curricula, but not necessarily.