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Cultural Association of Deaf Jews of France (ACSJF)


The Association was founded in 1975.

ACSJF is affiliated to the FSJU since May 2002.


  • To enable deaf people to participate fully in community life.
  • Help families in difficulty.
  • Setting up school support for deaf children and hearing children whose parents are deaf.
  • Creation of a Talmud Thora.
  • Search for a more spacious room to create a “living space”.
  • Organization of activities for all (meetings, trips, camps, conferences, etc…).
  • Creation of a section for deaf children in a Jewish school.
  • Support in the search for employment for unemployed people.


“Meeting” afternoons are organized every Sunday from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

The Cultural Association of the Deaf Jews of France has the honor and joy to announce the opening of a Talmud Torah class (teaching of Torah and Jewish history) for deaf and hard of hearing children under the auspices of the Paris Consistory. Classes will be held every Sunday (except during school vacations) from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.

It is preferable to be a member of the Association to be regularly informed of all activities and to benefit from the member price.


For the office URGENT :

  • Fixed computer
  • Laptop computer
  • Printer – scanner
  • Digital camera (which will be used to create a booklet of Jewish prayers in sign language)
  • Photocopier
  • Fax machine
  • Office supplies (sheets – inks – envelopes etc…)
  • An SFR millennium package! (if you make your Aliyah and don’t need it anymore, their phone bills are huge, so don’t hesitate to think about them)

For the children and the Talmud Thora :

  • Books to build a library
  • Jewish story books for Talmud Torah
  • Learning books for Talmud Thora
  • Talmud Thora supplies (pencils, markers, coloring and decorating materials, notebooks, etc.)
  • Educational software
  • Educational games for all ages
  • Computers (to familiarize the children with this communication tool which will be essential to facilitate and improve their knowledge)

There is a need of volunteering for :

  • School support and follow-up for hearing children whose parents are deaf.
  • School support for deaf children (for some children, this requires a knowledge of sign language).
  • Help with activities and supervision of children when a meeting of the Association is organized, this usually happens 1 Sunday afternoon per month.
  • Occasionally accompany elderly people on certain trips.
  • Visiting sick and elderly people.
  • Follow-up of needy families (what are their needs, support them in their steps..)
  • Help in the office (mail – updating of files – Internet research – etc. …)
  • Help in the organization of parties (purchases, preparation of buffets, etc..)
  • Creation of manual workshops for children and adults