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Defender of Rights

The “Défenseur des Droits” (Defender of Rights) is an independent administrative authority in France. It was established in 2011 and acts as a protector of individual rights and freedoms. The Defender of Rights oversees various areas, including human rights, equality, discrimination, and public service-related grievances.

The role of the Defender of Rights is to ensure that everyone’s rights are respected and to intervene when there are instances of discrimination, abuse, or infringement of rights by public authorities or private entities. The office handles complaints from individuals who believe their rights have been violated and works towards resolving these issues.


The aims of the “Défenseur des Droits” (Defender of Rights) in France are to protect human rights, ensure equality, address discrimination, safeguard children’s rights, and promote good governance.


  1. Monitoring and Reporting: The institution actively monitors incidents of antisemitism and gathers data to provide accurate information on the prevalence and nature of antisemitic acts in France.
  2. Legal Assistance: The Defender of Rights provides legal support and assistance to individuals who have experienced discrimination, including cases of antisemitism. They offer guidance, advice, and advocacy to victims and work towards resolving complaints through mediation or legal channels.
  3. Awareness and Education: the legal area is a documentary portal of theDefender of Rights that brings together all the publications of the Human Rights Defender with a legal scope, both nationally and internationally, on a dedicated website. The legal area offers access to decisions, opinions and reforms, amicable settlements and other publications (thematic reports, activity reports, etc.) that the Human Rights Defender makes public.
  4. Policy Recommendations: The Defender of Rights formulates policy recommendations and engages in dialogue with relevant stakeholders, such as government officials and institutions, to improve legal frameworks, policies, and practices addressing antisemitism and discrimination.
  5. Collaboration and Partnerships: The institution collaborates with other organizations, including Jewish communities, civil society groups, and international bodies, to coordinate efforts in combating antisemitism and promoting human rights.