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Des radios engagent leurs programmes contre l’antisémitisme

Radio Temps Rodez and LE CRI (collective of free radio stations in Occitanie) is committed with the Region on the day against racism and anti-Semitism. The 5 CRLO territories are committed to 5 hours of broadcast programs on November 7 between 10 am and 5 pm 12 category A frequencies and our web radios met to prepare the broadcasting of these special programs aimed at young people. With the help of a professional team from the world of radio, the young people will reflect, debate and question themselves on the issue of racism and anti-Semitism through the creation of a series of interviews 
TERRITORY 1 Hérault - Keeping the Critical Spirit 
TERRITORY 2 Haute Garonne - Stop Racisme: les waves s '' mix 
TERRITORY 3 Gers - Racism: insult to humanity 
TERRITORY 4 Aveyron - Ambient anti-Semitism 
TERRITORY 5 PO - In the footsteps of migrations in Occitania

Target audience: For all