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Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund

In the settlement between the Dutch Jewish community, the Dutch Jews in Israel, and the Dutch government, it was agreed to allocate part of the government’s restitution toward a fund supporting projects dedicated to Jewish life in Central and Eastern Europe. 

Why support Jews in Central and Eastern Europe?

Nazi persecution and oppression by communist dictatorships were a double blow to the Jews in Central and Eastern Europe. Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Jews are developing their communities. Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Jews are trying to restore their communities. Our fund aims to enrich Jewish life; to support projects dedicated to filling the ‘social and cultural void’ in these Jewish communities by helping to rebuild the social and cultural structures.

The JHF strongly believes that Jews who decided to stay in their countries of origin should receive support to ensure the continuation of Jewish life. The JHF aims to empower Jewish communities and NGOs to enhance Jewish life in Central and Eastern Europe, to help them once again to contribute significantly to these regions. The JHF has a special interest in the younger generation. Young people will become the leaders, teachers, youth workers, and officials of the future. Organizations and projects dedicated to cultivating Jewish values and traditions among the younger generation serve an explicit JHF objective.

  • The building up and ensuring the continuity of Jewish communities, in the field of culture, transfer of know-how and reinforcement of the immaterial infrastructure;
  • Facilitating Jewish education;
  • Promoting mutual respect between people.