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European Jewish Cultural and Academic Space (ECUJE)


ECUJE (European Jewish Cultural Space), formerly the Paris Community Center, was founded in 1963 as an original response to the context of the time, marked by a large influx of North African Jews into the French Jewish community.

At the time of its initial establishment, the association faced an emergency situation in order to be able to welcome thousands of Jews from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, including many young people, by enabling them to return to a “community” life, whatever their diverse identities, with the most federative approach possible.

Today, ECUJE and the Elie Wiesel University Institute, created fifteen years ago, hold an essential place in the cultural landscape of French Judaism. They have become both the privileged place for the plural expression of the currents of thought of the Jewish world and the crossroads of all cultures in dialogue with contemporary society. At the heart of the Jewish world, including all the diversity that characterizes it, it remains an institution in permanent contact with French society.


The ECUJE has existed for sixty years to promote Jewish culture, knowledge and university education in an open and permanent dialogue with the city. It is a place for all, where everyone can participate in a collective experience in a permanent mixing of ideas and people, without exclusions.


CULTURE: exhibitions, concerts, shows, debates and conferences, literary meetings…

ULPAN: the House of Hebrew is the largest Ulpan in Europe (Hebrew teaching center) open to all those who wish to deepen their knowledge of Hebrew language and culture, either face-to-face or remotely (online Ulpan).

WORKSHOPS: artistic and well-being workshops.

LIMOUD LAB: cycles of courses or workshops on textual studies (Bible, Talmud, Jewish thought…) with scholars, men and women, accessible to all audiences from all streams of Judaism.

J-KIDZ: programming, workshops and vacation courses for young people.


The ECUJE Factory offers flexible workspaces, to work alone or with others, in private equipped offices, on dedicated workstations in an open space or in shared and warm spaces.

The workspace is available for actors of change for the general interest or if projects with a social impact (education, training, sustainable development, social, disability, integration, culture, leisure, etc.).

The ECUJE Factory is aimed at associations and project leaders in the fields of culture and social economy.

Located close to the Gare du Nord, this new coworking space offers, in addition to work spaces, a set of professional services as well as various possibilities to organize meetings and private or public events.

The ECUJE Factory offers a wide range of services for organizations: flexible, fixed or private workstations, meeting rooms, spaces for your activities, additional services…