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European Jewish Press


Launched end of 2005, the European Jewish Press is the sole online Jewish news agency in Europe. The privately funded Brussels-based outlet is an independent media body.


It aims to provide both Jewish and non-Jewish audiences around the world with balanced, up-to-date and reliable news reports on issues of concern to Jewish communities worldwide. European Jewish Press news is read by individuals, officials, experts, journalists and many others. European Jewish Press is an affiliate of the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) and collaborates with EU Reporter.


EJPress (European Jewish Press) is an online news agency that covers news and events relevant to Jewish communities in Europe and beyond. Media outlets like EJPress can be beneficial in promoting Judaism and fighting antisemitism:

  1. Raising Awareness: EJPress plays a crucial role in raising awareness about Jewish issues, concerns, and achievements. By providing news coverage specific to Jewish communities, they bring attention to Jewish culture, traditions, history, and contemporary challenges. This helps to promote understanding, counter stereotypes, and challenge misconceptions about Judaism.
  2. Combating Antisemitism: EJPress can contribute to the fight against antisemitism by reporting on incidents of discrimination, hate crimes, and other forms of antisemitic behavior. By shedding light on these issues, they raise public awareness and contribute to a broader understanding of the persistence and impact of antisemitism. This can foster a collective response and promote measures to combat and prevent antisemitic acts.
  3. Advocacy and Education: EJPress serves as a platform for advocating for Jewish causes and educating the public about Jewish history, traditions, and values. Through their articles, interviews, and opinion pieces, they can promote dialogue, foster understanding, and challenge biases. By providing accurate and reliable information, they can contribute to dispelling myths and stereotypes and promote a more nuanced understanding of Judaism.
  4. Connecting Jewish Communities: EJPress can help strengthen connections within Jewish communities by providing a platform for sharing news, events, and experiences. By highlighting community initiatives, achievements, and challenges, they facilitate dialogue and collaboration among different Jewish organizations and individuals. This sense of community can foster resilience, unity, and support.
  5. International Perspective: As a news agency focused on Jewish communities in Europe, EJPress offers an international perspective on Jewish issues. By covering events and developments across different countries, they contribute to a broader understanding of the diversity and richness of Jewish experiences. This can foster cross-cultural understanding, promote interfaith dialogue, and challenge prejudices.