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The Specialist Office for Right-Wing Extremism and Family

Fachstelle Rechtsextremismus und Familie- The Specialist Office for Right-Wing Extremism and Family (RuF) is the federal central coordination and specialist office for questions relating to the connection between right-wing extremism and group-related misanthropy as well as their importance for socialization, attitudes and living together in families.

As an umbrella structure, the RuF unit bundles the knowledge and competence in these subject areas and brings together experts from almost all federal states in the nationwide network “Right-Wing Extremism and Family”. 

When their own children or close relatives get involved in the right-wing extremist scene, the families are usually at a loss and overwhelmed by the problem. Young people in particular often feel addressed by the identification opportunities offered by the right-wing scene. For parents, this immersion in the scene is often unbearable: They do not know how to react to it and, above all, where they can get competent help.

But also professionals in educational settings are increasingly confronted with right-wing extremist or right-wing populist statements and actors. Often they do not know how to respond adequately. In this context, the specialist office is available for professional support.

What we offer:

  • Information,
  • Materials,
  • Advisory,
  • Qualification,
  • Further education,
  • Specialist lectures,
  • Support in setting up regional advisory services and
  • Support in the institutionalization of advisory services

Affected parents and relatives as well as professionals in the educational fields have the opportunity to receive competent advice on site within the specialist unit for right-wing extremism and family.