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Federal association for victims of Nazi persecution

At the end of the 1980s, the idea of ​​setting up an information and advice center for victims of Nazi persecution was born. Representatives of the Nazi persecution associations, Pax Christi and Action Reconciliation / Peace Services founded the first counseling center, from which the Federal Association Information & Advice for Nazi Persecutees emerged. There, survivors of National Socialist persecution were able to find out about existing compensation options and find support in complicated reparation procedures.

At the beginning of the 1990s, the federal association managed to set up a hardship fund for those persecuted by Nazi Germany. The transfer office for Nazi victims in North Rhine-Westphalia followed in 1997. She advises on issues relating to compensation and care for the elderly. In 1995 the federal association organized a campaign together with the American Jewish Committee to support Nazi survivors in Eastern and Central Europe.

Right from the start, the Federal Association campaigned for those survivors who had previously been denied recognition as victims of Nazi persecution. For this group, which included in particular victims of Nazi military justice and forced laborers, the federal association fought for recognition as victims of Nazi persecution by the turn of the millennium.