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Foundation for Political Innovation (fondapol)


Created in 2004, the “Fondation pour l’Innovation Politique” contributes to the pluralism of thought and the renewal of public debate. It has a liberal, progressive and European perspective.

As a place of expertise, reflection and debate, the Foundation strives to describe and understand the French and European society in the making. Demographic ageing, the growing importance of environmental issues and globalisation are some of the phenomena that are working towards the emergence of a new world. The analysis of these transformations and their consequences on our political life constitutes the core of the Foundation’s work.

The Foundation cannot limit its activity to observation. If it is to take an active part in the intellectual debate, it must, unlike a university research centre, be capable of formulating innovative proposals and recommendations for political, economic and social actors, both public and private, French and European.

The Fondation pour l’Innovation Politique is recognised as a public utility. It is independent and is not subsidised by any political party. Its resources are both public and private. The support of companies and individuals also contributes to the development of its activities.


Fondapol’s aims are to foster innovative thinking and propose forward-looking policies. As a center-right think tank, it conducts research and produces publications on a wide range of topics, including democracy, governance, social cohesion, economic growth, and European integration.


Fondapol has taken a stance against antisemitism and has been actively involved in advocating for its eradication. As a think tank committed to promoting democratic values, human rights, and social cohesion, Fondapol recognizes the importance of addressing and combating antisemitism as a form of discrimination and hatred. They likely engage in research, policy analysis, and advocacy efforts to raise awareness about antisemitism, develop strategies for its prevention and counteraction, and collaborate with relevant stakeholders to foster a more inclusive and tolerant society. It’s important to note that specific actions and initiatives related to combating antisemitism may vary based on the context and evolving priorities of Fondapol. For detailed information on their specific activities in this area, it is recommended to refer to their official publications and reports or reach out to Fondapol directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Here is a list of their actions.

  1. Research and Policy Analysis: Fondapol conducts in-depth research and analysis on various social, economic, and political issues, aiming to generate evidence-based insights and policy recommendations.
  2. Publications: They publish reports, studies, and policy briefs to disseminate their research findings and proposals to policymakers, experts, and the general public.
  3. Events and Conferences: Fondapol organizes conferences, seminars, and public discussions to foster dialogue among experts, policymakers, and stakeholders on important topics and challenges facing society.
  4. Policy Advocacy: They engage in policy advocacy by sharing their research findings and recommendations with policymakers, government officials, and relevant institutions, with the aim of influencing policy decisions and reforms.
  5. International Collaboration: Fondapol collaborates with other think tanks, research institutions, and international organizations to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and promote cross-border policy solutions.
  6. Media Engagement: They actively participate in media interviews, op-eds, and public debates to raise awareness of their research findings and policy proposals, contributing to public discourse and shaping public opinion.
  7. Education and Capacity Building: Fondapol may organize training programs, workshops, and educational initiatives to enhance the understanding of key issues, foster critical thinking, and build the capacity of individuals and organizations to address societal challenges effectively.