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Foundation Loods 24 and the Jewish Children Monument

Stichting Loods 24 en Joods Kindermonument was established in 2013 as a foundation dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust in Rotterdam and promoting tolerance and respect for all people. The foundation was formed in response to the growing interest in urban culture and art in Rotterdam, and the need for a space to showcase emerging artists and creatives.

Loods 24, the cultural organization that is closely affiliated with the foundation, had been operating since 2010, and was originally founded as a community space for creative individuals to showcase their work, collaborate with others, and engage with the local community.

In 2013, Loods 24 became involved in the project to establish the Jewish Children’s Monument in Rotterdam, which was created to commemorate the more than 1,000 Jewish children who were deported from the city and murdered during the Holocaust.

The foundation was officially established that same year, with the goal of promoting the history and memory of the Jewish community in Rotterdam, and educating the public about the importance of tolerance and respect for all people.

Since its establishment, the foundation has organized numerous exhibitions, events, and guided tours related to the Jewish Children’s Monument and the history of the Holocaust in Rotterdam. The foundation also works closely with local schools, community groups, and other organizations to promote awareness and understanding of this important historical period.

These are just a few examples of the initiatives undertaken by Stichting Loods 24 en Joods Kindermonument to promote awareness, education, and understanding of the Holocaust and the Jewish community in Rotterdam.

  • “A Childhood in Rotterdam 1920-1945” exhibition (2021): This exhibition featured stories and artifacts from Jewish children who lived in Rotterdam during the war, and was held in a temporary location due to renovations at Loods 24’s main space.
  • “No Child’s Play” exhibition (2016): This exhibition was held at Loods 24 and featured artwork by children who were imprisoned in the Terezin concentration camp during the Holocaust.
  • Guided tours of the Jewish Children’s Monument: The foundation has organized guided tours of the monument and the surrounding area, providing visitors with information about the history of the monument and the Holocaust in Rotterdam.
  • “Kindertransport – Rescued Children” event (2015): This event was organized by the foundation in collaboration with other organizations, and featured a presentation by Holocaust survivor and Kindertransport child Vera Kriegel.
  • “Memories of the Holocaust” event (2014): This event was held at Loods 24 and featured presentations by Holocaust survivors, as well as music and other cultural performances.