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France — National Plan to Combat Racism, Antisemitism and Discrimination Related to Origin (2023–2026)

In line with the plan against racism and Antisemitism, presented by Édouard PHILIPPE in March 2018, this Interministerial Plan was developed by DILCRAH in consultation with associations, places of memory, ministries and independent authorities.


It contains 80 actions and pursues five main ambitions:

  • Measure the reality of racism, antisemitism and discrimination;
  • Dare to name the reality of hatred;
  • Better education and training;
  • Punish the perpetrators;
  • Accompany victims.


Among the concrete measures of the plan:

  • The guarantee for each pupil to benefit from a historical or memorial visit related to racism, antisemitism or anti-Gypsyism during his schooling;
  • Training of all State civil servants in these issues;
  • The implementation of a real reinforced testing policy on discrimination in hiring and access to housing;
  • Facilitating the filing of complaints by victims, in particular by developing the filing directly at the headquarters of certain associations and the partial anonymization of complaints;
  • Increased penalties for racist or antisemitic expression committed by persons holding public authority in the exercise of their functions.

The DILCRAH will ensure the implementation and monitoring of the actions of the plan. A biannual monitoring committee will monitor the deployment of the measures and their impact on citizens’ daily lives. The plan will also be evaluated annually by the National Consultative Commission on Human Rights (CNCDH).