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Freedom of Judaism


Freedom of Judaism (Liberté du Judaïsme) is a cultural association founded in 1987 in France. Its purpose is to promote Jewish culture, history, and traditions, and to combat antisemitism and all forms of racism and xenophobia.


The aims of Liberté du Judaïsme are to provide a space for people of all backgrounds, Jewish and non-Jewish, to come together to learn about Jewish culture, history, and traditions. It aims to promote a pluralistic and secular Judaism that emphasizes the cultural, philosophical, and ethical aspects of the religion, rather than just the religious practices.


  1. Organizing cultural events, such as exhibitions, concerts, and film screenings, to promote Jewish culture and history.
  2. Publishing books, articles, and newsletters about Jewish history and culture.
  3. Participating in interfaith dialogues and events to promote understanding and respect among different communities.
  4. Providing educational programs and resources to schools and universities to promote awareness and understanding of Jewish culture.
  5. Advocating for tolerance, diversity, and social justice in society.
  6. Combatting hate speech and discriminatory actions by promoting awareness and education about antisemitism and other forms of prejudice.
  7. Supporting Jewish communities in need, such as Holocaust survivors and those affected by poverty and social exclusion.