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Goldziher Institute

Goldziher Jewish Historical and Cultural Research Institute

Our vision is a Hungarian society in which there is a social dialogue based on consensually accepted values and common knowledge, and the Jewish past, present and future are an important part of this dialogue.
The Institute

The Ignác Goldziher Jewish Historical and Cultural Research Institute is an independent institute that conducts research on Judaism in a variety of disciplines, most notably history, politics, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and art history, in an interdisciplinary form. It aims to carry out theoretical and empirical research on issues of most concern to the community, to publish and discuss the results in international and domestic scientific forums, and to disseminate the results for decision-makers, through which it seeks to put the results into practice.. The aim is to promote the public use of research by disseminating the results to government institutions, other international and domestic forums and non-governmental organizations.
Conducting and publishing research, and creating social impact through independent and high-quality research that helps to interpret the past, present, and future of the Jewish Community in Hungary, Europe, and the world. In the long run, the creation of a scientific community that acts as a workshop for solid, well-founded research and is also open to new scientific initiatives and approaches.