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Golem Theater

“Making theatre is like writing on ice – by the time you have finished the last letter of the sentence, the first one may have already melted.” (Yossi Israeli).

The Gólem Theatre – as the only professional Jewish theater company in Hungary – was founded in 2005 by András Borgula who has been being the artistic director since then. The troop has no permanent members, our goal is to work with the best actors and professionals in the Hungarian  contemporary art scene.

Golem is first and foremost a theatre. Similarly to any other artist or artistic endeavour, it strives to make the world a better place. Second of all, it is Jewish. Life, death, love, hate, passion and revenge stride across the stage, all reflecting on a religion, a culture, a people, a worldview. Thirdly, it is in Budapest. Golem regards the many thousands years of Jewish tradition and culture as its core, at the same time aware that it has a cultural mission to fulfil in Europe, in Hungary, in Budapest.

The Gólem Theatre’s crew belives that people need more than food and shelter. As a professional Jewish theater we would like to represent cultural values of Jewry in national and wider sense by showing high-standard artistic productions and offering other services related to theatre art. We want to take part in building and extending the international cultural co-operations of Hungary. Gólem’s main aim is to stage contemporary plays that attract the entire theatre going audience in Hungary. As a Jewish theatre it strives to preserve and also improve its special position in the domestic and the international cultural sphere.

We are not a museum of jewish heritage, we are representing contemporary jewish culture which is entirely unique in Europe.

Other than theater Gólem provides services to other artistic organisations: we translate dramas, organise Jewish related events, theater studio for young adults, presents Israeli dramas for Hungarian professionals. Every second year Golem organizes the International Jewish Theatre Festival in Budapest inviting several professional Jewish Theatre companies.