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Haver Informal Jewish Education Foundation

The word „Haver” means „Friend” in both Hebrew and Hungarian. Haver Foundation is a non-profit Jewish community organization working in the field of informal education. In cooperation with high schools and universities, as well as other public institutions and NGOs, Haver strives to tackle prejudice, antisemitism and intolerance present in today’s Hungary.

Using tools and methods of informal education, and with the contribution of young volunteer educators, Haver Foundation brings an authentic Jewish voice to high school and university classes, in an effort to initiate illuminating discussions about topics like Jewish identity, culture, heritage, religion, community, remembrance, and the Holocaust. The interactive sessions provide an accessible space for students to discuss and look beyond historical facts and figures, and explore individual life stories of Jewish people, both in a historical and a contemporary perspective.

Since its foundation in 2002, Haver has been working towards its mission of challenging stereorypical thinking and prejudiced attitudes in young people, as well as building a society where living together is based on curiosity, reciprocal understanding, and shared values. Haver promotes an ongoing dialogue between Jews and non-Jews in the hope of contributing to attitudes of openness and acceptance in students and young people.

Haver Foundation reaches an average of 2-3000 students and educators annually.