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Homo Faber

Our vision is Lublin as a good place to live. A place in which everybody feels free and safe. A place where people fully exercise their rights without regard to their gender, the level of ability or disability, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, sexual orientation, religion, political opinion, property, age or any other feature. 
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Old projects (About us)

Let’s repair it! (Projekty)

Antidiscrimination Support Centre(Projekty)

The activity of our organisation is divided into three programmes:
– Anti-discrimination
– Integration
– Film

Homo Faber is a group of people specialising in many different fields who try to make use of their potential during their work for human rights. The main rule of our team is a democratic decision making, respect for the individualism of the members and constant self-development. 

If you would like to join our team, do some voluntary work, internship or job training – contact us. 

Homo Faber was registered in 2004 and it has a status of public benefit organisation.