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In Iustitia

In IUSTITA, o.p.s. was founded with the aim of making the issue of prejudicial violence (hate violence) the subject of debate among the lay and professional public, to provide legal assistance to victims or witnesses of violent incidents, to optimize the practice of public administration (in the field of the right of assembly, the procedures of law enforcement authorities), to cooperate on a partnership basis with other interested organizations and with the media.

The current mission of In IUSTITIA is to provide social services, legal information and representation to persons affected by prejudicial violence and to prevent prejudicial violence and manifestations of intolerance, especially racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, homophobia and transphobia, gender violence, violence due to age, health, social status or belonging to a subculture. In addition, In IUSTITIA deals with the provision of social services and legal information to particularly vulnerable victims and homeless women (at risk of homelessness) who are at risk of violence or have been victims of any violence. In addition to providing services, it is also a mission to educate the professional and lay public, to carry out research activities for the benefit of crime victims and, last but not least, to comprehensively monitor and analyse prejudiced violence in the Czech Republic.