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Institute for Freedom of Faith & Security in Europe (IFFSE)


The Institute for Freedom of Faith and Security in Europe (IFFSE) is a non-profit organization based in Brussels, Belgium. The initiative of the Conference of European Rabbis was founded in 2018 with the aim of promoting the protection of freedom of religion and belief and security in Europe.


The IFFSE seeks to achieve its goals by fostering dialogue between religious communities, civil society organizations, and local, national, and international policymakers. The IFFSE focuses on various issues, including hate speech, radicalization, and terrorism. Additionally, the IFFSE advocates for policies that protect the rights of individuals to practice their religion or belief without fear of discrimination, persecution, or violence. The organization aims to promote interfaith dialogue and understanding and build bridges between religious and cultural communities.


  1. The IFFSE organizes conferences and seminars aimed at promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding between different religious and cultural communities in Europe.
  2. The IFFSE conducts research and analysis on issues related to religious freedom, extremism, and security in Europe, with the aim of providing policy recommendations to European institutions and governments.
  3. The IFFSE collaborates with other organizations and stakeholders in the field of religion and security to develop joint initiatives and projects.
  4. The IFFSE advocates for the protection of religious minorities and their rights in Europe, including the Jewish community.
  5. The IFFSE supports efforts to counter hate speech and discrimination against religious communities, including the Jewish community.
  6. The IFFSE participates in interfaith and intercultural events and activities to promote mutual respect and understanding between different religions and cultures in Europe.