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JDC International Centre for Community Development


Founded in 2005 by the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) and the Buncher Leadership Programme, JDC-ICCD is devoted to providing an in-depth perspective on the phenomena of Jewish community, identity, and social welfare. Through applied research, JDC-ICCD analyses ongoing trends and changes in the Jewish world, while measuring and evaluating the impact of community initiatives in the field.


The JDC ICCD (JDC International Centre for Community Development) aims to strengthen Jewish communities by providing support, resources, and training to community leaders and organizations. They foster community engagement, promote social welfare, enhance educational opportunities, preserve Jewish heritage, facilitate collaboration, and provide crisis response. Through these efforts, they strive to ensure the vitality and sustainability of Jewish communities worldwide.


  1. Capacity Building: The JDC ICCD provides training, resources, and expertise to help build the capacity of local Jewish communities and organizations. This includes leadership development programs, professional training, and support in organizational management and strategic planning.
  2. Community Empowerment: The organization works closely with local partners to empower community members and leaders. This involves fostering active participation, engagement, and decision-making within the community, as well as supporting initiatives that promote self-sufficiency and resilience.
  3. Social Services: The JDC ICCD supports the provision of social services to vulnerable members of the community. This may include assistance for elderly individuals, people with disabilities, families in need, and other vulnerable populations. The organization helps develop and enhance social welfare programs, including healthcare, welfare support, and access to basic needs.
  4. Educational Initiatives: The organization promotes educational initiatives within Jewish communities, including formal and informal educational programs. This may involve supporting schools, cultural centers, Jewish learning programs, and activities that strengthen Jewish identity and knowledge.
  5. Cultural Engagement: The JDC ICCD encourages cultural engagement and the preservation of Jewish heritage within communities. This can include supporting cultural events, festivals, language programs, and initiatives that celebrate Jewish traditions and history.
  6. Collaboration and Networking: The organization facilitates collaboration and networking among different Jewish communities and organizations. It helps create opportunities for exchange, learning, and mutual support, enabling communities to share best practices and resources.
  7. Crisis Response: The JDC ICCD plays a role in emergency response and crisis management within Jewish communities. In times of crisis or disasters, the organization provides support and assistance to help communities recover and rebuild.

Please note that the JDC ICCD’s actions are not limited to Europe but extend to other regions as well. The organization’s focus is on supporting Jewish communities worldwide, including those facing unique challenges and circumstances.