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Jewish Council for Racial Equality (JCORE)


JCORE (Jewish Council for Racial Equality) is a UK-based organization that was founded in 1976. It was originally established as a commission within the Board of Deputies of British Jews but became an independent charity in 1993. The organization was created in response to the increasing incidents of racial discrimination and prejudice in the UK, and aimed to provide a Jewish voice on race and asylum issues.


The aims of JCORE are to engage the Jewish community in social action in the wider society, focusing on race equality and justice for refugees and asylum seekers. They work to educate on race and asylum issues, provide campaigning and practical support for refugees and asylum seekers, and facilitate intercultural dialogue. JCORE believes that concern for social justice should be an integral part of Jewish identity and interaction with the rest of society. They also believe that the Jewish community needs to speak out against racism and work with other communities to tackle prejudice and discrimination.


  1. Education on race and asylum issues:
  • Provides training and education on issues related to race and asylum to individuals and groups within the Jewish community
  • Develops and disseminates resources and materials on these issues
  • Runs workshops and events to increase awareness and understanding of these issues within the Jewish community and beyond
  1. Campaigning and practical support for refugees and asylum seekers:
  • Advocates for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers through lobbying, policy work, and public campaigning
  • Provides practical support to refugees and asylum seekers, such as assistance with housing, employment, and legal advice
  • Collaborates with other organizations working on similar issues
  1. Black/Asian/Jewish dialogue:
  • Organizes interfaith and interethnic events and dialogue to promote understanding and cooperation among different communities
  • Works with Black and Asian organizations to address issues related to racism and discrimination
  • Promotes diversity and inclusivity within the Jewish community and encourages greater engagement with the wider society.