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Jewish Monument

Joods Monument is an online site part of the Jewish Cultural Quarter. It commemorates the over 104,000 Dutch Jews who perished during the Holocaust. The site provides a multilayered view of the Jewish community of the Netherlands before and during World War II. It is a living archive that invites family members, friends, historians, editors, and visitors to share and document their memories and stories. The homepage lists every Dutch Jew who perished during the Holocaust and places events against a timeline. Each person is represented by a pixel, and visitors can view an individual’s personal profile or conduct more general searches. The Jewish Monument includes all Dutch Jews living in the Netherlands who were persecuted and murdered as a consequence of the Nazi occupation during World War II. Visitors can contribute to the Monument by uploading images and documents, writing new stories, or completing and restoring familial connections.

The goal is to ensure that the Dutch Jews murdered during the Shoah will always be remembered.