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Jewish Museum of Franconia

Franconia was an important cradle of Jewish life in southern Germany, with more than 400 Jewish communities. The Jewish Museum of Franconia offers a fascinating glimpse into nearly 1,000 unbroken years of Jewish history. A unique feature of the Jewish Museum of Franconia is its buildings, located in Fürth, Schnaittachand Schwabach: All the museums are housed in historical structures built from the 16th to the 18th century, and all have significant collections of Judaica and everyday objects. They convey the broad range of Jewish lifestyles in Franconia: from the urbanized life in Fürth to the small- town life in Schwabach, up to the rural lifestyle in Schnaittach.

The Museum is located in a former Jewish house on Synagogue Lane. Its historic sukkah with murals of the late 18th century is a treasure of European Jewish cultural heritage. Walking through Synagogue Lane with its old synagogue, the former home oft the rabbi and the Talmud school, visitors also gain insight into small-town Jewish life.