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Jewish Social Service

The Jewish Social Service draws its specificity from the history of the Jewish community decimated by the Holocaust and has helped them to rebuild themselves physically, economically and morally.

In 1944, the Association of Israelites Victims of War (AIVG) allowed survivors to reintegrate into emotional, social and professional life. In 1961, the AIVG changed its name to become the SSJ, but still in the same spirit, professionals and volunteers ready to support the most fragile and destitute. The goal is to make available to their audience a full team of social workers and mental health professionals.

The Jewish Social Service offers various complementary services.

Centre d’Action Sociale Globale (CASG) is a service that brings together social workers. In addition to front-line social work, he develops several specific projects (Ecole des Devoirs, Tutsi Identity group, help for victims of the attacks, home support program for Holocaust survivors,…..)

The Medico-Psychological Center (CMP) is a place of outpatient consultation. Its multidisciplinary team is composed of psychiatrists, psychologists, speech therapists and social workers.

The Debt Mediation Service helps the most vulnerable to restructure their finances and their lives.

The Friendship Club organizes activities and events for senior members of the Jewish Community.