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JONET.NL Independent Jewish news and backgrounds


Jonet.nl Onafhanelijk Joods nieuws en achtergrondenwas established in the early 2000s as an online platform for the Jewish community in the Netherlands. It aimed to provide a centralized platform for news, information, and activities related to Jewish life. The website went through several versions, starting with Jonet 1.0 in 2013, which featured news and a map-based agenda. In 2015, Jonet 2.0 was launched with expanded news coverage and a pool of columnists. In 2018, Jonet became an independent organization, continuing to serve as a reliable and inclusive source of information about Jewish communities in the Netherlands, Israel, and the broader Jewish world.


The aim is to inform visitors in a responsible, unbiased and informative way. Jonet.nl aims to produce the most neutral and easily understandable articles possible to connect.


  1. News Reporting: Jonet.nl regularly publishes news articles covering a wide range of topics related to Jewish communities in the Netherlands and around the world. They provide up-to-date information on events, developments, and issues relevant to the Jewish community.
  2. Columns: Jonet.nl features a pool of columnists who write opinion pieces and articles from various perspectives, offering insights and commentary on Jewish culture, religion, politics, and social issues.
  3. Culture: The website covers Jewish cultural events, including music, art, literature, film, and theater, highlighting the contributions of Jewish artists and cultural figures.
  4. Agenda: Jonet.nl maintains an agenda of Jewish-related activities, events, and programs taking place across the Netherlands. The interactive map-based agenda allows visitors to find and participate in community events.
  5. Dossiers: Jonet.nl provides dossier pages that explain various aspects of Judaism and the Jewish world in a neutral and accessible manner. These dossiers aim to educate the public, dispel stereotypes, and promote understanding.
  6. Community Engagement: Jonet.nl actively engages with the Jewish community and encourages participation from individuals with a Jewish background or an interest in Jewish culture. They strive to create a sense of inclusivity and provide a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas.
  7. Videos: Jonet.nl produces its own video content, covering diverse topics related to Jewish life, including interviews, documentaries, and educational videos.

It’s important to note that the specific actions and initiatives of Jonet.nl may vary over time as they adapt to the evolving needs and interests of the Jewish community in the Netherlands.