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L’Alliance “Le premier Magazine Juif sur le net” is a magazine that focuses on Jewish culture, religion, news from Israel and related topics. Everything it produces, including articles, features, previews and competitions, has been entirely free of charge since its creation in January 1997.


L’alliance aims to provide a platform for Jewish voices, discussions, and community engagement. They cover a wide range of subjects, including Jewish traditions, celebrations, arts and culture, social issues, and current events within the Jewish community.


L’Alliance, can play a significant role in combating antisemitism and promoting Judaism through various means:

  1. Awareness and Education: L’Alliance can raise awareness about Jewish history, culture, traditions, and values by publishing articles, stories, and features that delve into different aspects of Judaism. By providing accessible and informative content, the magazine helps educate both Jewish and non-Jewish readers about the religion, its practices, and its contributions to society. This increased understanding can combat stereotypes, misconceptions, and ignorance that often fuel antisemitism.
  2. Countering Stereotypes: Antisemitism thrives on stereotypes and myths about Jewish people. L’Alliance can actively work to challenge and debunk these stereotypes by presenting accurate and nuanced portrayals of Jewish individuals, communities, and experiences. By showcasing diverse perspectives and narratives, the magazine promotes a more comprehensive understanding of Jewish identity and counters the harmful generalizations that contribute to antisemitism.
  3. Celebrating Jewish Achievements: L’Alliance can spotlight the achievements and contributions of Jewish individuals in various fields such as arts, sciences, literature, business, and philanthropy. By highlighting Jewish success stories, accomplishments, and positive role models, the magazine counters negative narratives and demonstrates the rich and vibrant nature of Jewish culture and heritage.
  4. Community Building: L’Alliance can serve as a platform for fostering a sense of community among Jewish individuals and communities on the internet. It can provide a space to discuss issues of concern, share experiences, and celebrate shared traditions and values. By creating a strong and supportive network, the magazine helps combat feelings of isolation and provides a sense of belonging, which can be especially important in the face of antisemitic incidents.
  5. Advocacy and Solidarity: L’Alliance can serve as an advocate for Jewish rights and raise awareness about issues related to antisemitism. It can promote dialogue, encourage activism, and provide resources for individuals and organizations dedicated to combating antisemitism. By amplifying voices and perspectives, the magazine fosters solidarity among Jewish communities and creates alliances with other groups fighting against discrimination and prejudice.