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LHJDN (La haine, je dis NON!)

La haine, je dis NON ! (“I say NO ! to hatred”) is the citizen education program of the CCLJ (Centre Communautaire Laïc Juif David Susskind, Secular Jewish Community Center). The CCLJ’s Citizenship Education Center has worked since 2000 in secondary and since 2006 in primary French Belgian schools. The CCLJ is recognised as ‘Resource Centre’ in matters combining History & Memory related to citizenship education. The program aims to make children of primary and secondary schools sensitive to the consequences of hatred by working with them on the “roots of evil” and by helping them to build a way to live together peacefully. The extermination of a nation is one of the worst aspects of the barbarism that spread through the 20th Century. Concrete facts are explained to the young people. They are taught how a situation can degenerate and become a tragedy. By working on the roots of evil, the CCLJ develops a pedagogic action which aims at objectively fighting racism, antisemitism, far right extremism and all discriminations. The preventive nature of our engagement is the essential objective of our work which is based on an original pedagogic approach.