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Liberal Jewish Community Ruhr Area “Perusch”

The Liberal Jewish Community Ruhr Area “Perusch” was founded in Oberhausen in 2005 and belongs to the State Association of Progressive Jewish Communities in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The rooms of the congregation at Friendensplatz are not only a place of worship, where Jewish culture and customs are lived, but also a place of encounter. Your gates are open to everyone Open to interested parties. Together with friends and interested parties, parties are celebrated and views are sometimes controversially discussed.

The community offers Jewish people numerous opportunities to shape things, because in a young community it is not necessary to break up encrusted structures, the changes stand in the way. Everyone is invited to lend a hand with attractive projects.

Social Services

One of the most important tasks of our community is to help people: Especially if they do not come from Germany and do not speak the German language very well. The social workers of the municipality translate letters, accompany them during official visits, explain situations.

This service is available not only to parishioners, but to all people who speak Russian and need help. For example, Syrian refugees turned to who studied in Russia, went to the social service of the community and received the necessary help. Several letters were published in the community newspaper, in which grateful people expressed our Have dedicated beautiful words to social workers.

Circle of Friends

Visitors become friends and so, at the request of many long-standing supporters, the Circle of Friends of the Liberal Jewish Community “Perusch” was born.

The independent association is open to both natural and legal persons and is involved in the development of Jewish life in Oberhausen. In doing so, it provides a Contribution to the development of a vibrant Jewish culture and to the peaceful coexistence of people of different origins and religions.

Cultural work

  • Choir
  • Theater
  • Dance groups
  • Mitzvah Day