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Liberal Jewish Community Wolfsburg-Braunschweig

Through the principles and activities for the benefit of Jews, Jewish traditions and religion, culture and education, peaceful coexistence with other religions and cultures, the fight against Antisemitism and xenophobia, the community is deeply connected to the various organizations in Germany and worldwide:

  • Union of Progressive Jews in Germany K.d.ö.R.
  • Landesverband der Israelitischen Kultusgemeinden von Niedersachsen K.d.ö.R.
  • Office for Migration Issues and Youth Promotion of the City of Braunschweig
  • Integration Department of the City of Wolfsburg
  • Aktion Mensch
  • Programme “Live Democracy!”

One of the main goals of the LJG BraWo is religious and social care members of the community, their relatives and all those who turn to the community.
Religious life of the community is organized according to the principles of liberal Judaism.
Kabbalat Shabbat, Hawdala, Jewish holidays are among the main activities. The services:

  • Advice on social law issues and mediation
  • Supervision (if required and/or classification)
  • Educational counselling

Other activities and activities:

  • All those who are interested in Jewish religion, culture and art are offered an opportunity to be together and to do things together
  • The schools democracy experience program “Betzavta – Together” is proposed
  • City tours through Jewish Braunschweig are offered
  • Discussion group “Modern Haskalah”

Lectures and discussions on the various current topics:

  • Zadaka – Jewish welfare
  • Jewish Culture and Art
  • Modern Jewish life in the European diaspora today etc.


  • 5th Jewish Cultural Autumn
  • Counselling centre and children’s creative centre Arche Noach
  • Project Tolerance
    • City tour “Jewish Brunswick” (approx. 2 hours), if necessary the tour is supplemented by a visit to the Jewish Museum (approx. 3 hours)
    • a conversation about Judaism (e.g.: Judaism has many faces or Jews and Jewish culture or other topics by arrangement)
    • Shoah (themes of humanity in Auschwitz, Jews in ghettos, Jewish resistance)
    • Listen and discuss together about the audio book “They forgot me” (2 hours) (Topics: Theresienstadt, Auschwitz)
    • “Judaism out of a suitcase” – a two- to three-hour workshop, during which Judaism and Jews are explained in a playful way
    • Workshop Antisemitism and Criticism of Israel
    • Exhibition Israel turns 70 (you can borrow this roll-up exhibition in part or in full. If necessary, we help to shape the accompanying program.
  • Program Betzavta : “Betzavta” means “together” in German and is a program for democracy and tolerance education. In essence, it is about the recognition of the equal right of all people to freedom and the conflicts that can arise as a result. In this program, knowledge transfer (e.g. minorities, non-violent methods of conflict resolution, etc.) is combined with various action- and experience-oriented exercise units. In a variety of exercises, a new “qualitative understanding of democracy” is to be awakened in the participants.
  • Project day Steps against kicks : “Steps against kicks” is a violence prevention and anti-racism project for young people from the 7th grade. It addresses structural, ethnic and personal violence and offers young people methods of non-violent conflict resolution in age-appropriate and gender-specific forms (apartheid or flight; Violence in Europe today). Duration : 6 school hours
  • City tour “On the trail of violence and resistance in Wolfsburg” :
  • A two-hour guided tour through the centre of the city of Wolfsburg in cooperation with the association Remembrance and Future.
  • Library
  • Project day PRIORITY for DIVERSITY
    • The goal: mindfulness and respect
    • In addition to working on breaking down stereotypes, clichés and prejudices, the project PRIORITY for DIVERSITY aims to awaken and strengthen mindfulness, empathy and respect for different cultural and religious traditions.
    • The project VORFAHRT für VIELFALT is suitable for young people from grade 8 onwards, possibly in integration into the subjects of religion as well as values and norms, German or history.
    • The project PRIORITY for DIVERSITY can be combined with guided visits to churches, synagogues and mosques in the respective region. For this purpose, appointments and preparations must be made independently in advance by the organizing school / organizing institution.
  • Project “In the footsteps of the past”
    • By researching the history of Brunswick and Wolfsburg, this history should be explored by project participants and the knowledge gained should be acquired;
    • With the acquired knowledge of the past, the project participants learn to take responsibility for the future;
    • The forgotten events should be made accessible again;
    • strengthening the sense of belonging; the aim was to speed up the integration of young immigrants;
    • In a playful way, combined with the fun of discovering new things, the project participants get to know modern communication technology (e.g. functions of GPS devices and work with place coordinates)
  • Meeting place
    • As part of the program “Tikkun Olam”, members help the residents of the Catholic nursing home St. Elisabeth
    • Cultural Club “Zawta”
  • Working with children and young people
  • Social services