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Mobile Youth Culture Office

For many years people have been involved in initiatives with the aim of developing a lively, democratic civil society. Human rights are their orientation. We are interested in changes from which an emancipatory society can continue to grow. This vision guides our considerations and our everyday actions.
We are committed to a living democracy. It requires and enables an equitable, public culture of debate and the recognition of diverse ways of life. The enforcement of human rights for everyone is a basic requirement.
Ideologies of inequality threaten democratic society in its foundations. The aim of our offers is to counter any devaluation of people, be it based on attributed or actual origin, religious affiliation, sexual identity or social status.
The Federal Republic of Germany is a society of migration. We see it as our mission to strengthen this point of view. For us as Kulturbüro Sachsen eV this means going the way of opening up the structure, content and personnel.

We have been part of Saxony-wide, supra-regional and European networks since 2001. The actors are united in changing society on the basis of emancipatory ideas. In critical discussions within these networks, we develop the standards and know-how for process-oriented consulting. This knowledge and this experience flow into the regional and national quality development and ensure the professionalization of civil society perspectives.
Our team combines different professional skills. We are deliberately set up in an interdisciplinary manner, as different perspectives can lead to creative approaches and solutions. With this approach, we support actors in shaping democratizing processes and encourage them to stand up for their concerns. Because the local people are experts in their own right. The basic principles of our work are treating each other with respect and the willingness of everyone involved to deal with conflicts. Transparency is the basis of our work processes.

We value the testing of new paths, the ability to deal with conflict and the ability to make mistakes as a framework for changing society in dialogue.
We work in all regions of Saxony and have local, regional and nationwide expertise. Our offer is politically and religiously independent. It is aimed at all people, municipalities, administration, politics, business, religious communities, children, youth and educational institutions, initiatives, associations and alliances, whose concerns we develop together with them into ideas and concepts that meet their needs. It can be:

  • Moderation and conflict management
  • Analysis and research
  • Dissemination and communication of information
  • Development, support and implementation of local strategies
  • Planning and implementation of events and projects
  • Training courses, curricula and documentation