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Jewish Museum of Venice

The Jewish Museum of Venice believes that the sharing of stories builds a community. For 60 years now, we have done our best to be compelling narrators of Jewish history.

We are the guardians of an amazing cultural heritage where everyone can discover themselves in a millennial encounter with otherness.

The Museum also offers guided tours to the synagogues, the soul of the Ghetto of Venice.
Built on the top floor of the pre-existing buildings in the Ghetto Novo are recognized with difficulty outside while inside are little jewels.

The ancient Cementery is also part of the Museum.

In 1999, thanks to the collaboration of public and private enterprises, both from Italy and abroad, a big work of restoration has begun: many memorials have been saved and classified more than 1000 of them which can be dated between 1550 and the early 18th century.

Now this suggestive place, witness of centuries of Venetian Jewish History, has found again its dignity and is possible to visit it by guided tours that can be booked at the Museum.