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National Coalition Building Institute

Institutions of higher education are facing rising antisemitism on campus, which profoundly affects both Jewish and non-Jewish faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Jewish students have been the target of overt expressions of antisemitism, which in many cases, has prompted college administrators to respond decisively to the problem. Sometimes, however, there have been debates as to what writings, events, or speech are antisemitic, often leading to confusion about what actions to take. To deal with the complex issues of antisemitism in the context of higher education, the National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI), an international leadership-training organization, has created a new program to empower Jewish and non-Jewish students, faculty, and staff to identify antisemitism and work constructively with campus partners in addressing the issue. The goals of the training program include understanding antisemitism as a systemic oppression, using criteria to evaluate when something is antisemitic, recruiting and building allies, and working with others to stay in coalition to take on all forms of oppression even when things get hard.