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New Israelite Weekly (NIW)


The Nieuw Israelietisch Weekblad (NIW) is the oldest Jewish newspaper in the Netherlands, founded in 1865. The newspaper covers news, events, and commentary related to Jewish life and culture, and has a long history of advocating for Jewish rights and combating antisemitism. During World War II, the newspaper was shut down by the Nazis, but it resumed publication after the war and has been a valuable resource for the Jewish community ever since. Today, the NIW continues to be an important voice for the Jewish community in the Netherlands, providing a platform for Jewish culture, identity, and advocacy.


  1. The publication of articles and opinion pieces highlighting the prevalence of antisemitism in the Netherlands and calling for action to address the issue.
  2. The organization and support of events and campaigns aimed at raising awareness about antisemitism and promoting interfaith dialogue, such as Holocaust commemoration events and interfaith conferences.
  3. Collaboration with other Jewish organizations and community groups to advocate for Jewish rights and combat antisemitism.
  4. The publication of articles and editorials about efforts to combat antisemitism in other countries.
  5. Coverage of government initiatives to combat antisemitism in the Netherlands, including increased funding for security at Jewish institutions and increased penalties for hate speech and other forms of discrimination.
  6. It is providing a platform for Jewish culture, identity, and advocacy.