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Nottingham Progressive Jewish Congregation

Nottingham Liberal Synagogue is a supportive and inclusive community sharing with and caring for its members throughout life’s journey.

For many of the members, the community is a second home – welcoming and sociable, comfortable and comforting; a haven of peace, spirituality, friendship and joy.

A modern Jewish life guided by the values and ideals of Liberal Judaism is promoted, encompassing all shades of practice and lifestyle, one which offers an open-minded approach to Judaism through education, practice and prayer. Members are encouraged to grow in their Jewish knowledge and practice in ways that best suit them.

In the best Jewish tradition, the intellectual and spiritual challenges of today are embraced and the communitie’s concerns for social and environmental justice is demonstrated through the attitudes and actions of its members.

Some Initiatives

  • Nottingham Citizens is an alliance of more than 30 organisations in Nottingham, from schools, universities, and religious groups to trade unions and voluntary organisations. These groups have joined together to change things for the better in the city, based on priorities agreed by members. Members of NLS have participated by attending meetings, becoming part of the leadership team, and joining action teams around issues such as mental health and education.
  • Food bank: The synagogue collects for a local food bank; members can drop off items whenever they visit the shul.
  • Refugees:  The synagogue supports Sherwood Sponsors Refugees, a community group assisting a refugee family from Syria to settle in Nottingham.  NLS members have also supported asylum seekers who have contacted us directly.
  • Mitzvah Day: Every November, Jewish communities across the UK take part in the nation’s largest faith-led day of social action. NLS participates each year, undertaking projects with an interfaith element wherever possible.  Last year we joined with members of Sherwood Methodist Church to do a litter pick in the local area. In past years we have visited a nearby care home with our cheder children and undertaken a clothing collection for Sharewear, a local charity providing clothes to people in need.
  • Salaam Shalom Kitchen: Salaam Shalom Kitchen (SASH) is a joint Muslim-Jewish led project which aims to reduce food poverty and social isolation in one of the most deprived  areas of Nottingham.  SASH runs a community café serving 150 meals, once a week, made almost entirely from supermarket surplus waste food and also give out groceries and fresh fruit and veg to people in need. The project serves a wide range of people including many families in food poverty, refugees and asylum seekers, older people, people with mental health and substance misuse issues, and people struggling to make ends meet. SASH is always looking for more volunteers to help continue to do this valuable work. It is a lot of fun and very sociable. There are already several NLS members who regularly volunteer but more help is always needed. So please consider whether you have a few hours to spare weekly or monthly. It is great way to make a difference and practice Tikkun Olam in the world.
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah projects:  All our children are encouraged to undertake a social action project in the year before the bar/bat mitzvah.
  • Kol Nidre and other appeals: Each year at Kol Nidre, on the eve of Yom Kippur, the synagogue announces an appeal for selected charities nominated by members. We have also run separate emergency appeals, e.g. for Ukraine and for Afghan refugees.