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Open Republic

Open Republic”, the Association against Antisemitism and Xenophobia was established in 1999 out of the need to counteract xenophobic and anti-Semitic prejudices in Polish public life.

The basic goals of the Association are to promote an attitude of openness and respect for people and groups of different ethnic, national, religious, cultural or social identification, and to counteract all forms of racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia and other attitudes that may be detrimental to human dignity.

  • we initiate and support educational activities preventing the duplication of stereotypes and prejudices against “strangers”, teaching respect for ethnic, religious and philosophical differences, and sharing knowledge about the multiethnic sources of Polish culture;
  • we document manifestations of ethnic, religious and racial prejudices and bring them to the attention of the public, state authorities, mass media, churches, social, scientific and cultural associations;
  • we intervene, also legally, in cases of disseminating – via the press, books, television or radio – anti-Semitic and xenophobic slogans, ideas or attitudes;
  • we try to draw the attention of representatives of the judiciary and public opinion to the need for Poland to comply with international conventions ordering the prosecution of manifestations of racism and xenophobia;
  • we promote our goals and ideals by organizing open meetings, readings and discussions, initiating press and book publications, and posting information on our website;
  • we support civic initiatives for tolerance, we cooperate with institutions and associations with similar goals.