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OSE France (Child Rescue Organization)


The Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfants (OSE) was established in 1912 in Saint Petersburg to provide aid to Jewish children in need. During World War II, the organization transformed into a Resistance movement, rescuing and caring for children who were hiding under false identities. After the war, OSE helped orphaned and newly freed children to transition into adulthood and later aided in the integration of migrants into French society. Today, OSE is a non-profit organization open to people of all backgrounds, dedicated to supporting children, health issues, handicaps, dependency, and Holocaust survivors. The organization’s work is based on its long history of rescuing generations of uprooted children.


The aims of OSE are to help people in need, promote social justice, and combat discrimination and exclusion. The organization’s work is guided by a commitment to compassion, solidarity, and respect for human dignity.


  1. OSE has worked closely with French authorities and law enforcement agencies to monitor and report instances of hate speech, discrimination, and other forms of antisemitism. The organization has also worked to ensure that legal frameworks are in place to prevent and punish these crimes.
  2. OSE has organized a number of cultural events and initiatives to promote Jewish heritage and history. For example, the organization has held film screenings, art exhibitions, and cultural festivals to celebrate Jewish culture and tradition. OSE also runs educational programs on Jewish history and culture for schools and universities.
  3. OSE has established and supported synagogues, schools, and other institutions that promote Jewish identity and values. The organization has worked with these institutions to provide support and assistance to Jewish communities, including financial aid, counselling, and legal assistance.
  4. OSE provides social and emotional support to victims of antisemitism. The organization has established a support network to provide counselling, legal assistance, and financial aid to those affected by antisemitic acts.
  5. OSE has developed educational programs to promote understanding and acceptance of Judaism and Jewish culture. The organization has worked with schools and universities to provide educational resources and training to teachers and students. OSE also runs workshops on interfaith dialogue and conflict resolution.
  6. OSE provides support to Holocaust survivors, many of whom suffer from physical and psychological trauma as a result of their experiences during the war. The organization offers a range of services to survivors, including medical care, counselling, and financial assistance.
  7. OSE runs programs specifically designed for survivors living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, providing them with specialized care and support.