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Stitching Pardes is a Jewish educational organization founded in 1972 in Jerusalem by Rabbi Meir Schweiger, a renowned scholar and educator. The organization began as a small yeshiva focused on the intensive study of traditional Jewish texts but has since grown to become a leading centre for Jewish learning and scholarship, with programs offered in Israel, North America, and Europe. Pardes is committed to promoting a positive and informed understanding of Judaism and Jewish texts, and to empowering Jews to engage with their heritage and contribute to Jewish life and learning. The organization is open to Jews of all denominations and backgrounds and is dedicated to fostering a deep and meaningful connection to Jewish tradition and values.


  1. Educational Programs: Pardes offers a range of courses and programs focused on Jewish history, culture, and texts. These programs help to promote a positive and informed understanding of Judaism and Jewish people and to counter stereotypes and misinformation.
  2. Interfaith Dialogue: Pardes promotes interfaith dialogue and understanding through various programs and initiatives. This includes hosting events and discussions with leaders from other faith communities and collaborating on joint initiatives to promote religious tolerance and understanding.
  3. Advocacy: Pardes participates in advocacy efforts aimed at combating antisemitism and other forms of hate and discrimination. This includes supporting legislative and policy initiatives aimed at addressing hate crimes, promoting religious freedom, and combating bigotry and discrimination in all its forms.
  4. Community Outreach: Pardes engages with local communities to promote understanding and combat antisemitism. This includes hosting events and programs for community members, collaborating with local leaders and organizations, and participating in community outreach initiatives.
  5. Research and Publications: Pardes conducts research and publishes articles and reports on issues related to antisemitism and Jewish life. These publications help to raise awareness and promote understanding of the challenges facing Jewish communities around the world.

These are a few of the initiatives taken by Pardes to combat antisemitism and promote understanding. The organization is committed to working tirelessly to promote a more tolerant, inclusive, and just society, and to combatting hate and discrimination wherever it may occur.