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PIRA (International Platform on Racism and Antisemitism)


Inaugurated in March 2019 in the presence of the Ministers of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, and Higher Education and Research, Frédérique Vidal, among others, the International Platform on Racism and Antisemitism (PIRA), directed by Michel Wieviorka and Philippe Portier, aims to contribute to the analysis of current forms of racism and antisemitism in the world, from a global and comparative perspective. PIRA is co-sponsored by the FMSH and the EPHE and will be fully integrated into the Campus Condorcet scientific project.
Collaborative by nature, the platform aims to host international and national research projects, to develop close links with the education system and the associative fabric, to work with players involved in the fight against racism – NGOs, associations, trade unions, mutual societies, foundations – as well as with public authorities, and to widely disseminate knowledge on these issues.


  • Take stock of racism and antisemitism.
  • Study racism as a global, national and local phenomenon.
  • Examine the metamorphosis of anti-racist networks.


The project has undertaken several actions to achieve its goals, including:

International Conferences:

  • “Exposing Racism and Antisemitism” in partnership with the National Museum of the History of Immigration (MNHI), held online on May 6-7, 2021.
  • “Racism and Antisemitism: Universalism in the Storm,” an international and multidisciplinary conference in Arc-et-Senans on June 27-29, 2022, featuring renowned speakers such as Pap Ndiaye, Elisabeth Roudinesco, Lilian Thuram, François Dubet, Philippe Portier, John Solomos, Tariq Modood, among others.

Research Reports and Surveys:

  • Reports on combating antisemitism in schools, the state of anti-racist associations in France, and the impact of racism on education.
  • Investigations conducted by experts in the field, provide valuable insights into the current situation and propose recommendations for action.

Partnerships and Interventions in Conferences:

  • Collaboration with organizations such as MGEN, DILCRAH, and the Lilian Thuram Foundation to address the challenges of racism and discrimination.
  • Participation in international conferences and events, both online and in person, to share research findings, exchange knowledge, and engage with diverse audiences.

Publications Supported by the Project:

  • Publication of books and articles related to the project’s themes, authored or supported by PIRA members, addressing topics such as racism, antisemitism, and anti-racism.

Program for 2022-2024: The project aims to continue its partnerships with organizations such as MGEN, DILCRAH, and the Lilian Thuram Foundation. In its second phase, the project expands its focus to include the issues of end-of-life care, ageing, and discrimination. This expansion reflects the evolving societal debates and the expectations of partner organizations.

Steering Committee: To address these new topics, the PIRA platform has strengthened and expanded its steering committee. The committee includes experts in racism, antisemitism, and related fields. They guide the project’s strategic direction, oversee its activities, and ensure coherence. The committee includes diverse professionals, such as academics, researchers, activists, and representatives from relevant organizations. They determine the project’s focus, select contributors, monitor progress, and engage with external stakeholders. Their role is crucial in shaping the project’s intellectual and practical aspects to address racism and antisemitism effectively.