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RAAWI Jewish Magazine


RAAWI Jüdische Magazin was founded in 2009 by a group of young Jewish journalists in Germany. The magazine was created as a platform to address the lack of media representation and coverage of Jewish life and culture in Germany and to provide a voice for the Jewish community.

The magazine is published quarterly and is available in print and online. Over the years, RAAWI has gained a reputation as an important source of information and commentary on Jewish issues in Germany and beyond. It has also been recognized for its high-quality journalism and has received several awards for its reporting and editorial work.

The magazine features articles on Jewish traditions, rituals, and holidays, as well as interviews with prominent Jewish personalities and profiles of Jewish communities around the world. It also covers topics related to Jewish art, literature, and music.

In addition to its regular features, Raawi Judisches Magazin also includes reviews of books, films, and cultural events related to Jewish life, as well as opinion pieces on issues affecting the Jewish community.


On their mission to cover Jewish life, culture, and traditions in Germany and around the world, Raawi proposes different types of content:

  1. Articles on Jewish history and culture
  2. Profiles of Jewish communities and personalities
  3. Interviews with Jewish authors, artists, and thinkers
  4. Reviews of Jewish books, films, and cultural events
  5. Opinion pieces on issues affecting the Jewish community
  6. Features on Jewish traditions, rituals, and holidays
  7. Podcasts offering in-depth discussions on various topics related to Jewish life and culture